Quality Assurance

We believe in maintaining systems and control measures in accordance to the highest quality requirements to deliver flawless products. Our quality assurance personnel stationed at all the manufacturing sites ensure that all production units are geared to run on high quality standards, thereby eliminating the last minute rejection factor giving you value for your money.Apart from buyers manuals, we have our own very strict quality assurance system That makes sure the buyer’s demands more significantly and it is exactly done as per our client’s required International Quality Standards; AQL 4.0, AQL 2.5 Etc.  This saves a lot more time and money at both ends. We work with reputed and approved manufacturers from renowned customers mainly in Europe as well in USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand, U.A.E.We offer inspections at different stages of your production process so that you may be able to get your orders with high quality.

Before Production Check

Risks are reduced by checking material components, accessories / user manuals etc. at this stage itself.

First Production Checks

First finished products are checked against buyer’s specification and prototype sample. Deviations are identified and brought out for correction.

During Productions Check

Inspection during production is carried out to check and verify that the initial discrepancies have been rectified and to ensure the average quality standards of production runs.

Last Random Inspection

Last random inspection is carried out when the total consignment is packed and ready for shipment. LRI is performed according to the international inspection standards. The detailed physical inspection of the sample selected at random is based on specifications of the buyers and it covers the criteria such as design /style, accessories, measurements, packing etc.
In our company, the quality control are the “eyes and ears” of its merchandising counterpart. A standard quality level is maintained to ensure effective quality control here.

Some of our control includes:

  • Sample appraisal
  • Factory Evaluation
  • Identify and preempt production problems during placement meetings
  • Analyze quality data and correlate results with buyers audit plan / Reliance textile’s Sample auditing plan (after customer approval)
  • Monitor laboratory results and match against local testing data. Maintain accurate product detail and record