Textile Sourcing

We have per-qualified data base of Pakistani manufacturers, mills, commercial exporters of all kind of Home Textile- Made ups/ garments in woven and knitted products. We deal from inquiry up to the execution of the project. The Reliance Textiles Sourcing and its expert’s team in the field are constantly looking for the best suppliers, to do the business with… and succeeding!
We know the bottom line is to satisfy our customers through premium quality products delivered on-time. This is where we step in to cater your requirements and ensure success. The ability of a factory to produce your product at the given price is of great importance, this is where we steps in and ensure your success.Some of our sourcing per-requisites include:

  • Financial Strength
  • Technical Abilities
  • Factory layout, equipment, personal and productivity
  • Sample room
  • Vendor’s strength and reputation in dealing with customer based on years of experience and interaction